Dr. Nayanmoni Saikia

Assistant Professor(Senior Scale)

Name :-   Dr. Nayanmoni Saikia

Designation :-    Assistant Professor(Senior Scale)

Qualification :-    Ph.D (Nuclear Instrumentation), M.Sc, B.Sc

Fore Front Area of Research:-

Nuclear Instrumentation: “ Detection and Studies of Radio Signals Associated with UHE Cosmic Ray Showers in the Atmosphere”

Email id:-   nmsaikia@utm.ac.in

Experience:-    15+ years in Teaching & Research

  • 1. Academic Merit Award during M.tech, Bharath University, Chennai [Dec 2007]
  • 1. Low Frequency radio-emission P K Boruah associated with UHE cosmic rays, Kalyanee Boruah, N M Saikia, M Rahman, P K Boruah, Nuclear Physics B ( Proc. Suppl). 212-213 (2011)317- 322
  • 2. Search of Radio Signal associated with UHE Cosmic Ray Air Showers in the VLF range , N M Saikia, B Tiru, P K Boruah, Kalyanee Boruah,Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics, Vol 36 (2007) 436-439
  • 3. Programmable Trigger Circuit For UHE Cosmic Ray Detection by Mini Array Method : Simulation with VHDL, N M Saikia, B Tiru, D Handique, P K Boruah, Kalyanee Boruah, Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics, Vol 82(5) (2008) 627-631
  • 4. New Experimental set up for UHE Cosmic Ray Detection : N M Saikia et.al Proc. 29th ICR (2005), Vol 8 , 1/5, 81-84
  • 4. . Bioluminescence emission of a firefly Luciola praeusta Kiesenwetter 1874 (Coleoptera:Lampyridae: Luciolinae – A Gohain Brauah , S Hazarika , N M Saikia , G D Baruah : Journal of Bio Sciences 34(2), June 2009