Mr. Somenath Ganguly

Assistant Professor(Senior Scale)

Name :-   Mr. Somenath Ganguly

Designation :-    Assistant Professor(Senior Scale)

Qualification :-    M.Sc (Geology); M.S. (Hydrologic Sciences)

Overview of Profile:

Subject matter expert in Hydrogeology, groundwater modeling and low temperature aqueous chemistry. Professional geologist and adequate experience in structural mapping both surface and subsurface. Advanced software experience in the field of Hydrogeology, Geosciences, and Remote Sensing & GIS.

Fore Front Area of Research:-     Low temperature aqueous chemistry, Isotope Hydrology, Water resources management.

Email id:-

Experience:-    Teaching assistant in USA universities having five years of experience. Approximately 3 ½ years’ experience as university faculty in India.

  • 1. B.Sc with Honors in Geology. University of Calcutta, India. 2001.
  • 2. Prof N.N. Chatterjee book grants award, from Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Society of India, for first position in M.Sc Part-I Examination. University of Calcutta. (2002)
  • 3. Graduate Residential Scholar, Boise State University. (2005- 2007)
  • 4. Graduate research & teaching assistant University of Texas at San Antonio. (2008-2010 May)
  • 1. Ganguly S, Tiwari S, Bhan U, Mittal S, Rai S, et al. (2015) “Melting of Sea Ice Inexplicable for Recent Global Eustatic Sea Level Rise”. J Earth Science & Climate Change Vol 6: 245. doi:10.4172/2157-7617.1000245.
  • 2. M. L. Polizzotto, B. D. Kocar, S. G. Benner, M. Sampson & S. Fendorf. (2008) “Near-surface wetland sediments as a source of arsenic release to ground water in Asia”. Nature. Vol 454|24 July 2008| doi:10.1038/nature07093. [My contribution in this manuscript is to establish the numerical model for them. S. Ganguly mentioned in acknowledgement.]
  • 3. S. Benner, M. Polizzotto, B.Kocar, S. Ganguly, K. Phan, K. Ouch, M. Sampson, S. Fendorf. (2008) “Groundwater flow in an arsenic contaminated aquifer, Mekong Delta, Cambodia”. Applied Geochemistry. doi:10.1016/j.apgeochem.2008.06.013.
  • 4. S. Ganguly, M. Polizzotto, M. Sampson S. Fendorf and S. Benner (Fall 2006) “Ground Water Modeling Of Arsenic Contaminated Sandy Aquifer With Response To Transient River Levels, Mekong Delta, Cambodia”. Eos Trans. American Geophysical Union. 87(52). H41B-0394.